Idrinksport Fanasy Recap Week 6

6 games into the Fantasy Season we have a log jam of teams at 3-3, with Gonzo n 10 continues its early season dominance at 5-1.  Playoff are getting closer teams will look to make moves to ensure their team is in the position they need.

UC Bearcats (2-4)  83.34  vs. Batman & Robin (4-2) 79.20.  Upset of the year so far, the offensively challenged bearcats used a strong performance from Peyton Manning to shock  Batman & Robin.

 VaBeach Orange (2-4) 76.27 vs Beazy (3-3) 65.13. Someone alert the presses there is life in Va Beach Orange.  The Orange is the second hottest team in the league right now with a W2 streak.

 Number Juan(3-3) 68.95 vs Steel Breeze (4-2).  Number Juan pulled a fast one on the breeze as he used Steel Breeze own beloved Steelers D against him for the victory.  Dirty? Or Gamenship

lvlaintown (3-3) 66.64 vs America’s Team (3-3) 92.51.  The cheese is slowly melting in lvlaintown’s front office as the team has dropped 3 straight. Execs are gathering up crackers and chips to help stop the flow.

ATL SB Bound (2-4) 82.21 vs Gonzo n 10 (5-1) 86.75.  This battle of falcon homers watched gonzo n 10 keep up its winning streak and reach a league high 4 games.

Swissy (2-4) 68.95 vs Endzone Boyz (3-3) 82.86 Schaub’s aerial attack and Steven Jackson ground game overwhelmed swissy, and endzone boyz picked up the W

Idrinksport Fantasy Recap Week 5’s Official Fantasy League

Week 5

lvlaintown (3-2) 49.84 vs. A.T.L S.B Bound (2-3)91.87
lvlaintown seemed to struggle putting away the off the field issues with his boyhood hero Brett Favre, as ATL SB Bound took advantage and dropped lvlaintown to 3-2 on the year.

Va Beach Orange (1-4) 85.99 vs. Number Juan (2-3)65.89
Trash talking started early for Number Juan as he looked to keep the orange winless on the season.  But the orange behind ray rice season high rushing attack shocked Number Juan.

Beazy (3-2) 101.92 vs. Endzone boyz (2-3) 93.65
Beazy offense finally clicked as rivers, Floyd, and Austin put Beazy over the century mark as he squeaked out a W.

goOOGoOGoNzO n 10 (4-1) 93.14 vs. UC Bearcats (1-4) 59.16
This battle of teams going in the opposite direction watched gonzo  n 10 defense keep the offensively challenged bearcats from getting on track.

America’s Team (2-3) 60.39 vs. Steel Breeze (4-1) 77.60
Despite rumors from Front Office Execs about Carson Palmer being teams #1 QB, the breeze used the Steelers blueprint in consistency to keep America’s team at bay.

Batman & Robin (4-1) 106.82 vs. Swissy (2-3) 76.74
Batman & Robin’s offense continues to put up points but team officials are not happy with the D as they have given up the 2nd most pts in the league.  Changes are soon to be coming.

Idrinksport Fantasy League Wrap Up Week 3’s Official Fantasy League

Week 3

lvlaintown (3-0) 87.42 vs. Steel Breeze (2-1)60.35
This battle of unbeatens had all the makings of a last second Robbie Gould FG.  But unlike the packers lvlaintown avoided penalties and had a big day from Rodgers, Marshall and Desean Jackson.  Steel Breeze couldn’t overcome Palmer’s mistakes and fell from the list of unbeatens.

Va Beach Orange (0-3) 80.57 vs. ATL S.B. Bound (1-2)102.27
This epic battle of the cellar dwellers featured 2 of the leagues rebuilding teams.  ATL S.B.Bound came out guns  blazing as its killer B’s Brady, Boldin, and Benson racked up fantasy points.  Va Beach Orange tried to come back late, but the duo of Keller and Moss weren’t enough.

Beazy (2-1) 83.05 vs. UC Bearcats (1-2) 69.34
Matchup between family should be about sportsmanship and love.  But this was far from it as punches were thrown, kicks to the shins, and even name calling was brought out for this event.  But in the end Beazy’s duo of Rivers to Floyd was too much for the injury plagued UC Bearcats.

goOOGoOGoNzO n 10 (2-1) 93.14 vs. Swissy (1-2) 59.16
Battling for playoff seeding is a little early in the season but this matchup has the all important win and you’re in feel to it, these middle of the pack teams battled a tough 2 ½ quarters before goOOGoOGoNzo n 10 pulled away in the 2nd half behind the arm of Flacco and quick burst of Chris Johnson.

America’s Team (1-2) 90.30 vs. Endzone Boyz (1-2) 57.09
America’s Team rode the coat tails of Drew Brees perfect spirals, and the “Pretty Fly” for a white guy Austin Collie’s hands.  Endzone Boyz had a hard time finding the endzone (insert pun) as Schaub and Steven Jackson struggled in their respective matchups.

Batman & Robin (2-1) 76.73 vs. Number Juan (1-2) 107.23
In the battle of the opposite sides of the standings Number Juan pulled off the upset of the weekend as his falcons duo of Ryan and Turner proved to be too much as Batman & Robin struggled to put up points besides Peterson’s career Day.

NFL Week 1 Cover it live Chat

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We will start around Noon on Sunday.  Most of us watch different games so we can all keep up on who is doing what in Fantasy and how teams are looking.

Idrinksport Fantasy League Week 1

ATL S.B Bound travels to Batman and Robin for what should be a blowout according to most fantasy experts. If ATL wants any chance to win, he has to hope Tom Brady stays out of early morning accidents and keeps his arm connecting with Wes Welker. Batman and Robin is homo for Romo this year. Look for Adrian Peterson and Beanie Wells to carry the load this week.

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