Syracuse Basketball and their biggest issue: Ball Handling

Syracuse Men’s Basketball is in a bit of a slump and after watching last night’s game at Marquette, it’s pretty obvious what causes most of their issues…Ball Handling.

Michael Carter Williams and Brandon Triche can impress with their ability to run the floor and get to the hoop.  The very next minute they get caught in the air and turn it over.  When you have a lead, you need to value each possession and at least get good looks at the basket.

If Syracuse wants to get by Louisville this Sunday, they’ll need to be a bit more consistent with their ball handling and their passing.

10 Mid Week Thoughts


1. I wonder why during Winter Months my body naturally has the urge to drink Shock top, Blue Moon or a more full flavored beer.  Yet during the Spring and Summer months I have no desire.  Is there a pill I should be taking?


2. Two Recipes I ran across on today – Lemon Ale Chicken and Chocolate Stout Cake.  The Cake sounds great…not so sure bout that chicken.


3. So a study says that 1 in 12 fans leave sports games drunk.  So out of 65 thousand people at an NFL game, 5400 or so are above the legal limit.  That’s a bit scary…I’d be really nervous about that stat if I wasn’t usually one of the 5400.,0,4079459.story

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Scott Adams and the “Boss Button”

Watching the NCAA tournament at work comes with a bit of risk if your boss isn’t a fan of you wasting time.  CBS thought it would be a great idea to include a “Boss Button” for easy access to what appears to be legit work.  No Doubt, genius.


This year Dilbert’s Scott Adams has helped out CBS Sports with some creative designs.  Check out his blog:


And hit the boss button even if you don’t have to, it’s pretty funny stuff and will pass a few minutes of down time.  (

Tecmo Bowl Throwback and more.


  1. UCONN just lost to St. Johns 73-51. Wow.  I’m speechless.
  2. A great day in the life of fans of the Tecmo Bowl Series…Tecmo Bowl Throwback has been officially announced and will be released this spring/summer on XBOX live and the Playstation Networks.  Here is a screen shot and link to IGN.

  3. LT is meeting with the Vikings this Thursday and Thomas Jones signed with the Chiefs. Wow the NFL Free Agency is almost more exciting than watching the NBA Regular Season.

Friday Update

  1. If you haven’t seen the Olympic celebration of a Canadian smoking a cigar and drinking a beer…head over to the YAHOO photo gallery and take a look.
  2. Syracuse hosts Villanova tomorrow night at 9pm on ESPN.  A must see sporting event this weekend to go along with the Gold Medal Hockey game on Sunday. 
  3. If you haven’t been paying attention to the Hot links section on our main page, go take a look and check out the Paris Hilton Video.  I’m not a huge fan of hers but that video is making me reconsider…
  4. The Beta Version of the Sports Event Map continues to get updated.  Last night Version 0.5 was released, which includes Baseball information for the 2010 Regular Season.
  5. Thanks to our boy Maintown for this link… Vince Carter throwing down a 86 foot shot from his ass.

10 Midweek thoughts

  1. A new project is underway and we have successfully been testing it.  A sports event map is being worked on and you can follow the progress at  The latest version, 0.4, now allows for a date to be selected and features 3 sports currently, NHL, NBA and NASCAR. Okay, maybe only 2 sports lol.
  2. Michigan State played like the team I thought they were.  We won’t be crowning them anytime soon after that beat down they took at ‘CONSIN.
  3. If you haven’t joined our idrinksport group in streak for the cash, go here:
  4. Peyton Manning vs Drew Brees in Miami? It’s going to be a good one. Prediction later this week.
  5. I’m not sure if I like Super Bowl parties.  Call me lame but I actually enjoy watching the entire game in surround sound and being able to see two great teams battle for the ultimate prize without Loraine from Accounting or Steve from Networking asking if I saw the last episode of the Bachelor or if I accepted their Mafia Wars request. Continue reading