Commish’s NFL Power Rankings Week 9

  1. (#1)New Orleans Saints 8-0– Another Defensive TD, excelling in all 3 phases.
  2. (#2)Indianapolis Colts 8-0– Close calls can bring teams closer together.
  3. (#3)Minnesota Vikings 7-1– Bye week will help heal, watch out for more Peterson.
  4. (#5) New England Patriots 6-2– AFC Championship game preview vs colts?
  5. (#6) Cincinnati Bengals 6-2– If Cincy wants to be considerd a contender must win this sun.
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NFL Power Rankings Week 8

I enjoyed doing the rankings last week, figure i’d try to make it a weekly blog.  Here is my rankings after week 8 games

(LW=last week’s ranking)

  1. (#2)New Orleans Saints 7-0– Strong performance on Monday night, + a struggle by the colts put the Saints at # 1. With that defense causing turnovers this team is scary.
  2. (#1)Indianapolis Colts 7-0– struggling with the 49ers might give the colts a gut check that it needs to go far in January
  3. (#4)Minnesota Vikings 7-1– Vikes showed Pack who will win the NFC North this year
  4. (#3)Denver Broncos 6-1– Did they ever get put in their place by the ravens? it only gets tougher with Pitt up next.
  5. (#5) New England Patriots 5-2– Will anyone challenge them in the AFC East?
  6. (#6) Cincinnati Bengals 5-2– Ravens then Steelers, can’t afford to drop these two.  Split will do wonders to help control destiny.
  7. (#7) Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2– Broncos and Bengals come to town, steelers are starting to click at the right time.
  8. (#10) Philadelphia Eagles 5-2– McNabb’s back and looking good, DeSean Jackson is one of the surprise talents of ’09
  9. (#11) Dallas Cowboys 5-2– No more distractions players can actually focus nowand it shows
  10. (#14) Baltimore Ravens 4-3– Ravens need more consistency from D to compete for AFC North & wild card
  11. (#13) Houston Texans 5-3– 3 straight W’s for texans, next up undefeated Colts
  12. (#10) Arizona Cardinals 4-3– Can’t afford to drop 2 straight, trip to Soldier field can help rewrite their season
  13. (#12) Atlanta Falcons 4-3– Defense needs improvement if they want a wild card spot
  14. (#13) Green Bay Packers 4-3– Can aaron rodgers make it through the rest of the season continuing to get beat up.
  15. (#9) New York Giants 5-3–  Coughlin needs to regroup team before their playoff chances slip away
  16. (#17) San Diego Chargers 4-3– If LT has one of those games with 2tds every other game, watch out broncos.
  17. (#18) Chicago Bears 4-3– Need forte to be the pro bowl back he was last year to continue their playoff hopes
  18. (#19) Miami Dolphins 3-4– Swept the Jets, that’ll shut up Mr. Ron White in New York, need a lot of help this year
  19. (#16) New York Jets 4-4– You can talk all you want, but if you can’t back it up going to be a long year
  20. (#21) San Fransisco 49ers 3-4- There is no moral victories in the NFL but they have to feel confident going forward.
  21. (#24) Carolina Panthers 3-4-  Iif williams and stewart get back to form from 08 they will be competitive.
  22. (#20) Jacksonville Jaguars 3-4- MJD enough said, he has carried them this whole year
  23. (#22) Buffalo Bills 3-5– TO finally scored, on a run?  He needs to be involved more for them to not have a losing season.
  24. (#23) Seattle Seahawks 2-5– Hello Detroit, lions are always a good pick me up.  Where is TJ?
  25. (#25) Washington Redskins 2-5– No offensive struggles this week. Grant it, it was their bye week.  But baby steps
  26. (#28) Tennessee Titans 1-6-Running the ball like that will make vince look good every time.
  27. (#26) Oakland Raiders 2-5- Nothing really positive coming from Oakland, doesn’t help their coach is in the headlines.
  28. (#26) Detroit Lions 1-6- Lions can relax rest of season, since they can’t go 0-16 again.  Don’t see many more victories on their schedule
  29. (#29) Kansas City Chiefs 1-6- How can they keep LJ rest of the season, got to put the hammer down.
  30. (#30) St. Louis Rams 1-7– Anyone else feel bad for Steven Jackson?
  31. (#32) Tamp Bay Buccaneers 0-7– Hey they didn’t lose, there is something positive
  32. (#31) Cleveland Browns 1-7- Can mangini last the whole year?