Idiot of the week: 6/14

A few facts to start this Idiot of the week Article.

  • One of the most treasured trophies in all of sports  is the Stanley Cup. 
  • 1961 was the last time the Chicago Blackhawks Blawkhawks won a Stanley Cup before this year.


Congratulations to a Macy’s in Chicago for being our idiot of the week for the following attempt.



Thanks to Katherine of Chicago(flickr) for catching this one..

NHL’s lost opportunity tonight

During the Olympics, most of the Country got the chance to watch Ryan Miller play for the US hockey team.  It’s no secret that he is one of the best goalies and could easily be marketed in this country following his great Olympic performance.  In those same Olympics, the NHL also received an added bonus when their most recognizable star, Sidney Crosby, scored the game winning goal against the US this past Sunday. 


How is the NHL rewarded after the Olympics? Miller of the Sabres faces Crosby and the Penquins.   This is going to be a primetime matchup on VersusHD right? Nope.  Prepare for two mediocre teams… with the snooze fest battle between the Flyers and Lightning. 


The NHL should have stepped in and promoted the Sabres Penquins game.  It probably would have been their highest rated game of the year.  Way to go NHL. 

(You can see Miller and Buffalo host Washington Wednesday night on Versus HD)

Friday and Saturday Events

What’s happening in the sports world as we head up to the NFL on Sunday?  Here’s what you don’t want to miss!


  • Friday
  • Cal vs Ohio State (ESPN2 5pm) BB
  • Syracuse vs UNC (ESPN2 7:20pm) BB
  • Magic vs Celtics (ESPN 8pm) BB
  • Flyers vs Sharks (NHLHD 10pm)


  • Saturday
  • Ohio State vs Michigan (ABC 12pm) FB
  • UConn vs Notre Dame (NBC 2:30) FB
  • LSU vs Miss (CBS 3:30) FB
  • Capitals vs Maple Leafs (NHLHD 8pm)
  • CAL vs Stanford (VSHD 7:30pm) FB
  • Oklahoma vs VCU (MASN 7:30pm) BB


Anything we miss, let me know…

Taxi Drivers everywhere, best have my change…

Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks was arrested in Buffalo, NY this past weekend after beating up a Taxi Cab driver.  The Cab driver had his glasses broken and was choked. 

The reason? 20 cents.

According to a police report, the driver didn’t have the correct change amount, in which Kane was owed 20 cents, so Kane and his cousin beat the taxi driver and took the money they initially game him.

Now, I don’t think he qualifies for idiot of the week because I’m torn between the two sides.
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