10 Mid Week Thoughts


1. I wonder why during Winter Months my body naturally has the urge to drink Shock top, Blue Moon or a more full flavored beer.  Yet during the Spring and Summer months I have no desire.  Is there a pill I should be taking?


2. Two Recipes I ran across on ids.com today – Lemon Ale Chicken and Chocolate Stout Cake.  The Cake sounds great…not so sure bout that chicken.


3. So a study says that 1 in 12 fans leave sports games drunk.  So out of 65 thousand people at an NFL game, 5400 or so are above the legal limit.  That’s a bit scary…I’d be really nervous about that stat if I wasn’t usually one of the 5400.


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10 Midweek thoughts: Valentines Edition

As we approach the weekend, we find ourselves with a horrible situation. The Daytona 500, NBA All star game, Olympics and College Basketball are all on Sunday.  With Sunday being Valentines Day you probably are wondering how you are going to be able to watch even one of those events and still have a shot to get a little late night loving…


Do we have solutions for you? Hell No…But here are 10 thoughts.

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10 Midweek thoughts

  1. A new idrinksport.com project is underway and we have successfully been testing it.  A sports event map is being worked on and you can follow the progress at http://idrinksport.com/events/.  The latest version, 0.4, now allows for a date to be selected and features 3 sports currently, NHL, NBA and NASCAR. Okay, maybe only 2 sports lol.
  2. Michigan State played like the team I thought they were.  We won’t be crowning them anytime soon after that beat down they took at ‘CONSIN.
  3. If you haven’t joined our idrinksport group in streak for the cash, go here:
  4. Peyton Manning vs Drew Brees in Miami? It’s going to be a good one. Prediction later this week.
  5. I’m not sure if I like Super Bowl parties.  Call me lame but I actually enjoy watching the entire game in surround sound and being able to see two great teams battle for the ultimate prize without Loraine from Accounting or Steve from Networking asking if I saw the last episode of the Bachelor or if I accepted their Mafia Wars request. Continue reading

10 Thoughts

  1. If someone told me that Tiger Woods would play at this years Masters, and that I have the option to sleep away the next two months and jump right to that event…I’d ask, “which button do I press”.
  2. Time for everyone to begin hating on Brett Favre again as he ponders whether he will return or not.  I hope he does.  I enjoy watching him play every minute.  Ditto Peyton Manning.
  3. The drama surrounding Kurt Warner’s retirement isn’t all that big to me.  The guy plays every bit of 38. I’m not going to get worked up over any guy at the age of 38 retiring, especially when that guy feels the need to wear gloves indoors.
  4. Does any #1 College Mens team want to hang onto that title? Kansas, Texas, and now Kentucky…
  5. Speaking of Kentucky, Monday they began selling this shirt:

    Talk about a Jinx.  I thought my boy Duane with his profile pictures was the ultimate Jinx.

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10 Mid week thoughts

  1. The Grizzlies are 19-18?  Next thing you’re going to tell me Zach Randolph may be an NBA all star. Oh wait…(20 pts/g 11 reb/g)
  2. Lane Kiffin to USC makes perfect sense in the world of College Coaching.  Loyalty only counts when it’s convenient.
  3. I’d like to fast forward to Saturday at 4pm.  #NFL
  4. I’d like to forget my horrible prediction of this past Saturday.  My boy B-RAD let me have it for making some stupid guesses.  How easy I forget about the Bengals…If I had a pulpit to stand at…it would go something like this..
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10 Thoughts

  1. It was only a matter of time before Gilbert Arenas was suspended for being the jackass he is.  I think a suspension for the rest of the year is coming and possibly into next.
  2. I’ve always questioned some of the Tattoos on NBA players… Check out the worst here.
  3. I’ve got Texas tonight for one simple fact, Colt McCoy.  He will want to finish his career on a positive note after failing to win the Heisman and for the crap he took for the Big 12 Championship game.
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