NBA Finals Recap Games 1-2

So far with the Lakers two up on the Magic, the finals are starting to look like an embarrassment for the Magic. I will try and keep this as unbiased as possible cough I hate you Kobe cough. With two games down, a fair summary can be determined about what exactly is going down with these two teams. I will break the two teams up into a good and bad and what they need to do to win.

Good – They are doing a great job on defense keeping the ball out of Dwight Howard’s hands. The magic have yet to go on a decent hot streak with 3s and jumpers aside from Lewis’ little spurt in game 2, but if the Magic get hot the Lakers need to really get out there on them and don’t give them any room to shoot. As far as offense goes, Kobe Bryant is just ridiculous. If he isn’t dropping a one footed fade away while falling down, he is creating double teams, which opens up other players like Gasol for jumpers or layups. Kobe is so good that he knows exactly what to do and when to turn his game on. If Kobe took every single shot I believe he could beat the Magic by himself (I still hate him and his raping self).
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New Addition to Brauninger/idrinksport family

The exciting news came on our 2 year wedding anniversary.  We found out that my wife and I were going to have a baby.  We both looked at each other in amazement, and said Holy Crap! we are having a baby.  Overcome with joy and excitement neither of us could sleep, and all we wanted to do was scream it out to the world.   As excited as we both were, it was too early for us to tell anyone just in case something went wrong.  We read in articles on the Internet once you got to 3 months your chances of having a miscarriage significantly decreases.  As easy as that sounds to wait, we still had 2 months  to wait to tell everyone.   It was killing us everyday not being able to tell this exciting news to everyone.  So we waited and waited and waited, it seemed like eternity till we got to the end of may. 

Unfortunately I had to break the news to fellow idrinksport blogger and creator Billy Foss aka Howes aka dub foss aka B U F F A L O O O W!!! that I was unable to attend this weekend’s festivities.  Instead that we were heading down to ATL to tell my folks that they are going to be grandparents.  I told him to drink some up in celebration for us. 


I wanted to officially announce to all readers and bloggers that the Commish aka Nick Brauninger was going to be a Dad!  And that there is going to be one more Bengals Fan, Buckeyes Fan, Bearcats Fan, Reds Fan, and Cavs Fan in the world.

Early Favorites of NCAA Tourny

The highly anticipated release of the 2009 Brackets have been released for over 3 hours now.  Thus giving all the analysts plenty of time to debate who should have gotten in, and who has the easiest route.  After Radford’s fate was chosen, i didn’t stay to listen to the analyst talk.  I would be hearing it for days till the first game was played anyway.  So I wanted to discuss who I thought had the best chance for the final 4, and who has the hardest.

Easiest Schedule

1. UCONN– UCONN has probably the 2nd easiest bracket not by much over Pitt.  Other than memphis I do not see any teams upsetting the huskies as they run toward a final 4 berth.   Memphis, Missouri, Washington, and Purdue are the top 5 teams in the bracket.  They don’t scare me one bit, none of those teams have played the caliber of teams as the huskies.  Or has the talent to stay with them besides memphis.

2 b.  Pittsburgh– I believe has the 2nd easiest bracket to make it.  Sure they have duke and villanova in their bracket but leading up to a possible elite 8 match up .  But their top 5 teams are: Duke, Nova, Xavier, & FSU.  I am a Xavier fan but don’t see muskies doing anything to upset the panthers.   Duke & Nova will play each other prior to facing pitt, which will wear them down.  Look for Pitt to come out of their bracket. 

Hardest Schedule

1. Louisville–   Being the overall number one seed you thought they would have given the cardinals a break.  But thats not the case,  the cardinals top 5 teams are tough.  Next in line is Michigan St, Kansas, Wake Forest, & Utah.  I don’t see Utah getting past the 2nd round if they survive the first round.  The team I like out of this bracket is Wake Forest, I know they lost some weird games this year.  But they have a good guard play and a decent low post game to give the cardinals fit.  Teague will be able to handle the pressure of louisville.   

2. UNC– North Carolina has the 2nd toughest bracket besides louisville.  Tar Heels have Oklahoma, Syracuse, and Gonzaga.  Syracuse will be a tough   for any team, because their 2-3 zone is well run.  UNC, oklahoma rarely face the 2-3 zone, probably played it at one point during the game but for 40 min i don’t think so.  Cuse will go deep in this bracket if they keep fresh legs.   I still like tar heels to come out of this bracket, but cuse and sooners will make it tough.  It also depends on Mr. Lawson’s toe, if healthy they can go all the way.

6 Overtimes an instant classic

Syracuse 127, UCONN 117. F 6OT.

It took 6 overtimes to pry apart two rivals as walkons and bench players assisted a few starters.    I am glad to have stayed up and watched it and this is something that will always be looked at as perhaps the best Big East Tourney game of all time.  Syracuse and UCONN, thank you for a great game.

Championship week a joke to some?

Soon to be top seeds in the NCAA tournament. Do they lose their edge in their respected conference tournaments? Do they take it seriously? Do you rest your possibly ailing starters due to an assured spot in “The Dance”?

Some teams are coming up on 30 games or more played this season. Alot of which are on serious runs, winning through the rest of the season, getting their conference championship, or closing in on it. Teams are clicking right now. Mid major teams have confidence due to stats, wins vs. losses. Teams that dominated everyone in their conference, and are now looking for more. Waiting for that chance to prove themselves.

Mid majors…. They are not the top dogs. They can’t hold their ground against the big boys. No way… The best teams of the best conferences always win. ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10. When you’re in one of these conferences and you are assured a bid to the Dance. Conference Tournaments are underway. One of your main guys is sore, pulled, broken, or out. Rest him rather than risk him right? It’s just the conference tournament… It doesn’t mean as much as the actual NcAA tournament. Right?

I think their are alot of teams in the major conferences that dont take the conference championship seriously. Whether its by not playing at 100% to rest starters or give bench players some play time. I just think its not taken as seriously as it maybe once was. I also think that this sometimes hurts the top seeds in the eventual NCAA tournament, when they face a mid major team that is supremely confident in playing as a team. A fellow blogger on this site wrote earlier of “College Basketball Parity”. Never more, than in recent years, do I think this is true. I think maybe some of the “top dogs” lay down over Championship Week, and maybe don’t take it as seriously as they should, and that these are the teams who get upset. One of those 2 vs 15 or 3 vs 14 games, and so on. Teams that took Championship week to rest while the mid major teams took it seriously, boosted their confidence and prepared them for bigger challenges.

Of course their are exceptions, teams from major conferences that do take this week seriously. While aiming to rest their starters, they are also tweaking little things in practice and in their conference tournament games. Getting things just perfect so that hopefully they can be the ones cutting down the nets. While I still dont see a mid major team winning the NCAA Championship in Detriot, I do see quite a few of these scrappy teams upsetting some ‘top dogs’. We shall see how it plays out, and I cannot wait.