Booze Review #1 – Yuengling Black & Tan

Let me first start off by saying welcome to the first official Booze Review on I know that Swissy has written some liquor reviews so we here at have decided to continue that idea into official reviews. There is no significance to the first drink I chose to review, I just happened to buy a 12 pack of beer at the store and decided this was going to be my first review. In the upcoming editions of the Booze Reviews, I hope to try out some new beverages that some of you might not have tasted before in hopes of maybe helping you find new favorite beer or drink.

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Rookie Greed

Let me just preface what I am going to rant about. As seen in sports news recently, Michael Crabtree, the recently drafted rookie from Texas Tech to the 49ers, claims that he is prepared to sit out this upcoming season if he does not get more money. Apparently Crabtree thinks that he should have been drafted higher and deserves more money.

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MMA vs Soccer

I was watching PTI the other day when they brought up an interesting point that I would like to give my opinion about. Now that the US soccer team has shown that it is worth a damn, many are thinking that soccer or “futbol” is going to be on the rise in popularity. We already know that MMA or “Mixed Martial Arts” is on the rise in popularity by the growing numbers watching the pay per views. Which sport is more likely to become the most popular in the near future?

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NBA Finals Recap Games 1-2

So far with the Lakers two up on the Magic, the finals are starting to look like an embarrassment for the Magic. I will try and keep this as unbiased as possible cough I hate you Kobe cough. With two games down, a fair summary can be determined about what exactly is going down with these two teams. I will break the two teams up into a good and bad and what they need to do to win.

Good – They are doing a great job on defense keeping the ball out of Dwight Howard’s hands. The magic have yet to go on a decent hot streak with 3s and jumpers aside from Lewis’ little spurt in game 2, but if the Magic get hot the Lakers need to really get out there on them and don’t give them any room to shoot. As far as offense goes, Kobe Bryant is just ridiculous. If he isn’t dropping a one footed fade away while falling down, he is creating double teams, which opens up other players like Gasol for jumpers or layups. Kobe is so good that he knows exactly what to do and when to turn his game on. If Kobe took every single shot I believe he could beat the Magic by himself (I still hate him and his raping self).
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The Hangover Chronicles – Part IX – The Ade

I officially have a drinking problem. I don’t think it is an ordinary type of drinking problem. I don’t drink during the week very much if at all recently, and I don’t get belligerent and start fights or anything. Actually some people can’t even tell when I’m drunk when I am, and obviously one of those people that can’t tell is me. My brain tells me I’m completely fine and not drunk, and my body is like the 17 year old girl that drank too much and now has alcohol poisoning. It sucks because when I’m drinking I feel fine and don’t think I need to take it easy or stop drinking so I just keep guzzling them down until I pop. So yes, I had another throw up session in the confines of my bedroom again. As I laid there and my body temporarily paralyzed, I realized after the second wave of pasta alfredo ejection that I really have a problem. Obviously if I could control it I would and since I can’t then I think I need to stop drinking for awhile. I know you might say “just drink a couple”, but yeah I may do that for awhile and then when I think I have it under control I will get tanked and discharge.
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The Hangover Chronicles – Part VIII – The Shrinkage

10 hours of driving, 24 beers, and a sore rotator cuff from too much cornhole is what this weekend consisted of. I finally made the trip out to Virginia Beach again over the weekend for the annual Memorial Day Weekend Tiki Bar Alcohol Extravaganza at William Foss’ place. He was quite the host, providing all of us with a plethora of activities including a pool, hot tub, tiki bar, cornhole, food, and beer. It was good to see the rest of the contributors minus Nick who has yet to provide an excuse for not showing up.
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The Hangover Chronicles – Part VII – The Concoction

Good to be back. I missed 2 weeks of testing in a row and for that I apologize. I am so deeply sorry that I put myself through some sick crap for this week’s THC. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I came up with this because there is plenty of other so called “cures” out there that don’t involve torture. My highly intelligent plan was to put a bunch of stuff that is supposedly good for hangovers or for you in general into a big glass and drink it. I know what you are thinking, what an awesome idea, but calm down let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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The Hangover Chronicles – The Review I

With 5 weeks of rigorous scientific testing and with so many complex results, I figured I would take every sixth week off and write a review about the past 5 weeks. Actually, I was going to do a test this past weekend, but things didn’t work out so now I am making shit up. I know that it seems like I have been slacking for the past 2 weeks, but things were sort of out of my control over the weekend.

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The Hangover Chronicles – Part V – The BC Mist

Hey guys sorry about being a day late this week. I know you all hate my guts now, but whatever screw you guys, good things come to those who wait. You will forgive me before you finish reading this I promise. So I got drunk as shit Saturday night and I forgot to pick up the Alka-Seltzer Morning After from the store which was supposed to be my test for this week. I was too hung over to get my ass up to the store in the morning so I thought I wasn’t going to be able to write this post. Then I got to thinking. I found a cure suitable for weekends last week, but a cure for the weekdays when we have work was requested. I wouldn’t be a true hangover scientist if I didn’t follow what I was recommending to you so this is The BC Mist.
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The Hangover Chronicles – Part IV – The Hair of the Dog

Unlike last week, my plan for THC this past weekend actually panned out like I wanted it to. This edition is pretty cut and dry, because there were no unexpected mishaps (vomiting) or birthdays so I will try to keep this as interesting as possible. How, you ask? Because ladies and gentleman, for the first time in Hangover Chronicles history we have success! The Hair of the Dog actually freaking worked. I have actually never attempted this hangover cure before. I have always either been too hung over and drinking a beer right when you wake up and feel like dying isn’t the most appetizing thing to do, or because I just thought that it never would have worked. Now as I have learned in the short period of my experimentations, these work differently for different people. The Water Chug did not work for me, but it did work for somebody else I know that tested it out. Maybe they drank more water than me, but some things just work differently for people. Continue reading