Idrinksport Fanasy Recap Week 6

6 games into the Fantasy Season we have a log jam of teams at 3-3, with Gonzo n 10 continues its early season dominance at 5-1.  Playoff are getting closer teams will look to make moves to ensure their team is in the position they need.

UC Bearcats (2-4)  83.34  vs. Batman & Robin (4-2) 79.20.  Upset of the year so far, the offensively challenged bearcats used a strong performance from Peyton Manning to shock  Batman & Robin.

 VaBeach Orange (2-4) 76.27 vs Beazy (3-3) 65.13. Someone alert the presses there is life in Va Beach Orange.  The Orange is the second hottest team in the league right now with a W2 streak.

 Number Juan(3-3) 68.95 vs Steel Breeze (4-2).  Number Juan pulled a fast one on the breeze as he used Steel Breeze own beloved Steelers D against him for the victory.  Dirty? Or Gamenship

lvlaintown (3-3) 66.64 vs America’s Team (3-3) 92.51.  The cheese is slowly melting in lvlaintown’s front office as the team has dropped 3 straight. Execs are gathering up crackers and chips to help stop the flow.

ATL SB Bound (2-4) 82.21 vs Gonzo n 10 (5-1) 86.75.  This battle of falcon homers watched gonzo n 10 keep up its winning streak and reach a league high 4 games.

Swissy (2-4) 68.95 vs Endzone Boyz (3-3) 82.86 Schaub’s aerial attack and Steven Jackson ground game overwhelmed swissy, and endzone boyz picked up the W

Idrinksport Fantasy Recap Week 5’s Official Fantasy League

Week 5

lvlaintown (3-2) 49.84 vs. A.T.L S.B Bound (2-3)91.87
lvlaintown seemed to struggle putting away the off the field issues with his boyhood hero Brett Favre, as ATL SB Bound took advantage and dropped lvlaintown to 3-2 on the year.

Va Beach Orange (1-4) 85.99 vs. Number Juan (2-3)65.89
Trash talking started early for Number Juan as he looked to keep the orange winless on the season.  But the orange behind ray rice season high rushing attack shocked Number Juan.

Beazy (3-2) 101.92 vs. Endzone boyz (2-3) 93.65
Beazy offense finally clicked as rivers, Floyd, and Austin put Beazy over the century mark as he squeaked out a W.

goOOGoOGoNzO n 10 (4-1) 93.14 vs. UC Bearcats (1-4) 59.16
This battle of teams going in the opposite direction watched gonzo  n 10 defense keep the offensively challenged bearcats from getting on track.

America’s Team (2-3) 60.39 vs. Steel Breeze (4-1) 77.60
Despite rumors from Front Office Execs about Carson Palmer being teams #1 QB, the breeze used the Steelers blueprint in consistency to keep America’s team at bay.

Batman & Robin (4-1) 106.82 vs. Swissy (2-3) 76.74
Batman & Robin’s offense continues to put up points but team officials are not happy with the D as they have given up the 2nd most pts in the league.  Changes are soon to be coming.

Idrinksport Fantasy League Wrap Up Week 3’s Official Fantasy League

Week 3

lvlaintown (3-0) 87.42 vs. Steel Breeze (2-1)60.35
This battle of unbeatens had all the makings of a last second Robbie Gould FG.  But unlike the packers lvlaintown avoided penalties and had a big day from Rodgers, Marshall and Desean Jackson.  Steel Breeze couldn’t overcome Palmer’s mistakes and fell from the list of unbeatens.

Va Beach Orange (0-3) 80.57 vs. ATL S.B. Bound (1-2)102.27
This epic battle of the cellar dwellers featured 2 of the leagues rebuilding teams.  ATL S.B.Bound came out guns  blazing as its killer B’s Brady, Boldin, and Benson racked up fantasy points.  Va Beach Orange tried to come back late, but the duo of Keller and Moss weren’t enough.

Beazy (2-1) 83.05 vs. UC Bearcats (1-2) 69.34
Matchup between family should be about sportsmanship and love.  But this was far from it as punches were thrown, kicks to the shins, and even name calling was brought out for this event.  But in the end Beazy’s duo of Rivers to Floyd was too much for the injury plagued UC Bearcats.

goOOGoOGoNzO n 10 (2-1) 93.14 vs. Swissy (1-2) 59.16
Battling for playoff seeding is a little early in the season but this matchup has the all important win and you’re in feel to it, these middle of the pack teams battled a tough 2 ½ quarters before goOOGoOGoNzo n 10 pulled away in the 2nd half behind the arm of Flacco and quick burst of Chris Johnson.

America’s Team (1-2) 90.30 vs. Endzone Boyz (1-2) 57.09
America’s Team rode the coat tails of Drew Brees perfect spirals, and the “Pretty Fly” for a white guy Austin Collie’s hands.  Endzone Boyz had a hard time finding the endzone (insert pun) as Schaub and Steven Jackson struggled in their respective matchups.

Batman & Robin (2-1) 76.73 vs. Number Juan (1-2) 107.23
In the battle of the opposite sides of the standings Number Juan pulled off the upset of the weekend as his falcons duo of Ryan and Turner proved to be too much as Batman & Robin struggled to put up points besides Peterson’s career Day.

Playoff Teams

Playoff Teams 2010-2011 Season

Listening to ESPN Radio’s Scott Van Pelt show they brought up an interesting fact on the NFL playoff teams.  Their show mentioned that 50% of playoff teams from previous years do not qualify for the current NFL season’s playoffs.  Talk about parity in the league, is this good or bad for NFL.  Personally I think this is a good thing for the NFL.  This gives each NFL season a new storyline; we don’t want to fall into the same old thing like baseball and basketball.  So it got me thinking of which teams I thought would fall into this 50% curse.

Playoff Teams from Last Year:


Colts– South            * With Peyton Manning at QB they are locks
Saints– South           * Too much weapons not to be in
Bengals– North         * Wild card this year  
Vikings– North         * Miss playoffs, tough to repeat last year
Chargers– West        *Chargers In
Cardinals– West       * No QB Play
Patriots– East          *Defense ?
Cowboys– East          *Rest of East are a step behind
Jets– Wild Card           *Finish 9-7 miss by 1 game
Packers– Wild Card    * Take North Division
Ravens– Wild Card      * Win AFC North                                    
Eagles– Wild Card       * Will miss McNabb this year

I was able to come up with 5 out of 12 teams missing playoffs, cincy would be the easiest to pick to miss the playoffs due to inconsistent play.  But if i had to pick #6 chargers would be my pick over cincy.  Now I’ll replace those 6 with new teams i feel will be in this year.

Wild Card
Texans- Wild Card-Can challenge Colts, but will grab WC
Falcons- Wild Card- Saints have to  many weapons
Giants- Wild Card- Toss up giants and redskins

Division Champs
Dolphins- East Champs- Marshall will only help running game
49ers- West Champs- Cardinals taking step back
Raiders- West Champs- Call me crazy

Haterade Ounce #2

Woke up this am and decided to have me another glass of haterade, today’s haterade is focused on a athlete not a sport.  All NFL fans know who Darelle revis is or “Revis Island” because of his outstanding play last year that earned him all pro, and pro bowl honors.  So far during training camp “Revis Island” has been nothing but a deserted island in the sea of jets.  Revis feels that he has outplayed his current contract that has 3 years left on the deal.  I would say he has outplayed his current rookie deal.   I have no problem players seeking restructured contracts or extensions due to years of consistent play.  But when you have had only one dominant year out of 3,  I got a problem with that.  Show me two consecutive good years and that your not a fluke.  And then we will talk more money.

So I say to any rookies that are drafted in first or second rounds, stay away from any contract that is over 4 years in length.  For one you should have confidence that you will perform to the standard that will get you big  bucks.  First year in the league most rookies are getting their feet wet and produce decent stats.  Their second year is when they should have everything clicking, and by end of 3rd year you are playing at pro bowl level.  After or near the end of that year is when I feel it is appropriate to negotiate for new contract and money.  So stop your complainning about not getting enough $ when your not more than half way through your contract.

So Darelle Revis aka “Revis Island” I am drinking a tall glass of haterade on you.

Haterade Ounce #1

Haterade  Ounce #1

Most of America knows what haterade is, but for those in La La land (no relation to Melo’s boo).  As defined by  Haterade is a figurative drink a hater may thirst for and share. Generally used when someone hops on the bandwagon to hate on someone or something.  Example: Aiden talking smack about Syracuse basketball and how they can’t shoot their way out of a wet paper bag.  William replies, “Aiden you drinking that haterade today.”

Haterade ounce # 1 brings us to baseball and their lack of instant replay.  I’m hating on baseball today because there have been too many instances this year where instant replay would have benefited.  Case # 1 Detroit Tiger’s Galarraga and his perfect game.  We all have seen the replay’s and god bless that first plate umpire, but that was one of the most important calls in a while.  And just last night in the Marlins game in the bottom of the 9th a ball was hit up the third base line and replays showed it was fair.  But the umpire called it foul, thus not allowing the base runner who would have scored to advance.

Instant Replay will work in baseball as long as they follow NFL blueprint.  Give each manager red flag and they get two challenges per 9 innings.  Break it down so they get 1 per 4 innings, and then comes the 9th inning.  Let upstairs review possible plays, most fans at this point would not care if it took a little longer.  If it means that their team will be given a better chance to win, they would sit an extra 2 minutes for the replay. 

So MLB I’m drinking a nice cold glass of haterade on you.

McNabb & Favre

There is a lot of hoopla over the Donovan McNabb trade from the eagles to the redskins.  I’m here to try and offer a nonpartisan view, for one i dislike both teams.

    As some eagles fans threaten to sell their season tickets or burn their eagles’ memorabilia I say wait step back and breathe.  Take a stroll with me in our back to the future delorean as we visit the packers 3 seasons ago.  Here the packers had a hall of fame QB in Brett Favre, who was flip flopping in his decision to come back or retire.  Packers either tired of his antics or ready to move on decided we’ll beat you to the punch and trade you to the Jets.  And have our future QB start and get his feet wet, knowing that they will go through some growing pains. In the end it has turned out great for the Packers, as they got a couple extra picks and their back up QB is a pro bowl caliber quarterback.

     Grant it McNabb situation isn’t exactly the same but it’s comparable, McNabb has played his entire career for the eagles taking them to x amount of NFC championships and to one super bowl.  Maybe eagles felt this is all that McNabb could do for them, and with him on his last year of his contract didn’t feel it was in their best interest to sign him to a long term deal.  Why let him walk after this year and be a free agent and get nothing in return.  So the eagles took the bull by the horns and traded him to the skins for the best option they could get.

     I certainly do not think this was their best option, especially trading within the division to one of their rivals.  But if they felt the time is now for Kolb why have him sit and wait.