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 The act of prematurely calling an end to an event, action, etc.


Sporting Event Use

 Announcer: Johnson wins the tipoff, quick pass to miles for three, and it's good! 
  A person then would state, "Ballgames" officially declaring the game over 
  and would legally allow of a game to be changed before the final second was over.

The most important time to call "ballgames" is early and often, especially when you are surrounded by fanatics of the team that has officially just been called the loser of the event.

Use elsewhere

A man is allowed to call "Ballgames" at other times outside of a sporting event but must keep the occurrence from happening too often. Generally the "Ballgames" call outside of a sporting event is limited to 3 times in one group of people or area, unless deemed acceptable by audience or a change of scenery with same group.


 A teacher grading a poorly written paper may declare "Ballgames" and officially fail the student

Someone spectating a non sporting event but trying to rub in a failure, such as

 Someone cooking dinner and burned it - Ballgames can be declared
 A kid attempting to practice a musical instrument with no sign of hope - Ballgames can be declared

Funeral/Wedding Use

Ballgames must never be used at a funeral, especially within speaking distance of any person attending the funeral who may take it as an offensive term and/or laugh. It is acceptable however to say at a reasonable voice, "Ballgames" after a Husband and Bride are announced at a wedding.

Drinking Games Use

Current law allows Ballgames to be called on someone when they lose three straight beer pong games, thus allowing for removal of person from the beer pong table for the remainder of the night.

Three straight losses doesn't have to be consecutive

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